Every book is a unique mixture of images, graphics and text, covering every inch of the page. 

As part of designing your album we do minor retouching and image enhancement which includes colour adjustments (correcting colour balance and exposure), retouching (red eye & blemishes) and special effects  (black & white and sepia conversions) as we feel appropriate.  Note that our retouching services do not extend to body re-shaping or air-brushing or changing backgrounds or the original image.

We are comfortable with being given free reign with the design responsibility but we also welcome input from you including theme ideas, colour preferences, the inclusion of text or speeches, scanning of invitations, tickets, versus.  Anything that helped to make the event memorable.

THE PHOTOBOOK - Photobooks can be either A3, A4 or A5 and in landscape, portrait or square format.

THE DIGITAL IMAGES - The quality of the images you provide will impact the end result of your book.  Whilst we prefer images supplied by a professional photographer, we will accept images supplied by non-professionals.  As part of the design process we may enhance your photos with effects such as greyscale, cross processing, contrast, colour editor, transparency, background editing, image cut outs and soft filtering. 

You need to provide a CD/DVD of your selected photos plus any captions, text

COST - The cost of your book will be influenced by the size and the number of pages (sides).  Books generally start from $300.  Contact us for a quote and ask about our packages as additional copies make great gift ideas.

THE QUESTION OF COPYRIGHT – You must have the necessary rights for all content included in your photobookCopyright in the content lies with the person who created the image or took the photograph, and photographers who have signed a Publishing Agreement may need permission from the client or publishing company to include the photographs in a photobook by Photobook Designs. For further information on copyright visit the Copyright Council of Australia or the ArtsLaw Centre of Australia.